Welcome! Kia is the creator, designer, and Founder of KiasKrush. Starting her creative journey in 2012 and now considers herself as "The creator of beautiful things". Sewing is one of many things Kia loves and has since grown to create from her biggest inspiration which is her 4 children.

Debuting her online shopping experience in mid-2022 KiasKrush. A Children's Lifestyle Brand where we uplift, inspire, and educate our children through play. Kia has created and designed characters with awareness of children in the black and brown community that lead with affirmations in place of traditional names, and are highlighted with fun and educational activities enjoyable to children. 

"Hey Pretty Girl" because she is you, me, our daughters, and so much more! And because every girl is a pretty girl!

"Hey Little Man" because you important, loved and can do it all!

Let celebrate our children with these collections and so much more!